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Get Spruced Up

Dog Grooming Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Camp FurKids will make your dog shine like the star they are with our grooming services! Bring your dog for a bath or a full groom at our facility where you have the option to combine with a daycare visit or schedule just for the grooming service.

Camp FurKids is offering quick baths, premium/de-shed baths, full grooms and some a la carte options to meet all your dog’s styling needs! You will book these through our scheduling site or get started using the link here.

Camp Furkids is partnering with Vox (aka Star Blossom Grooming) to provide services that are Fear Free , include premium products, temperature controlled water and NO crating for drying. The groomer will give one-on-one attention to your furkid from start to finish.

The Details

Grooming Services Options & Pricing

Camp FurKids offers all-inclusive pricing with a variety of services to meet your dogs grooming needs

Quick Bath

Includes a Heated Bath, and Blow Dry

Pricing by Size:

Premium Bath

Includes a Heated Bath, Fluff & Blow Dry, Ears cleaned, Pads Cleaned, Nails Trimmed & Filed, Mouth Freshener, Body spray, Bow/Bandana

Pricing by Size:

Premium Groom

Includes a Premium Bath + Breed Cut or Shave Down

Pricing by Size:

A La Carte

Hand pick grooming services for your FurKid


Nail Services


Ear Cleanings


All dogs are required to be spayed or neutered that are +9 months old, have Rabies, DaPP, Bordetella, and K9Flu vaccines, and complete health questionnaire and agreement. *Charged at discretion of groomer

Camp Groomer

Meet the Groomer

Vox, a Southern California native, has 22 years experience in the canine industry. She spent time rehabilitating dogs and wolves, including training ambassador wolves for education and training service dogs. Vox knows dogs!

Vox trained under and partnered with her grooming mentor to create a strong and positive grooming experience, which she has brought to Camp FurKids. Vox was officially certified as a groomer in October 2023.