In Home Sitting

In Home Sitting

In Home Dog Sitting Services in Louisville, KY

Camp FurKids offers in-home pet sitting and care, meeting your pet where they are! We have sitters available to stay at your home or host your furkid(s) at their home. All sitters have been vetted and background checks have been conducted. Whether its work or play that takes you away… we have your furkid’s care covered. When you must leave your furkid(s) you know that they are in a place they are most comfortable, a home – yours or the sitters.

We can also help with dog walks or pet check-ins. If you’ve got a busy day and need a visit at your home, we can help with walks, backyard potty breaks, food/water refreshing, litter box cleaning, etc.

All services require a meet and greet prior to booking. The meet and greet will be an opportunity for the sitter to meet your pets to ensure their comfort with them and to learn where you store your pet supplies (pets food, dishes, leashes, etc) and any specific information about their care. If the sitter will be staying at your home, discussing entry into your home should also be addressed during this visit.

In Home Sitting Details

In Home Sitting, Dog Walks, & Pet Check Pricing

Whether your FurKid’s stay is at their house or the sitter’s house they’re sure to love their camping experience!

At Pet’s House

At Sitter’s House

Cancellation Fees


7 days or more = full refund​
2 to 6 days = 50% refund​
Less than 2 days = 25%​


14 days or more = full refund​
7 to 13 days = 50% refund​
2 to 6 days = 25% refund​
Less than 2 days = no refund​

Dog Walks

Pet Checks

1. This is the standard. Based on sitters availability you may arrange for additional 12 hour shifts​. Billing will occur 7-14 days in advance or as soon as reservation is confirmed if less than that time.

2. 20 minute dog walks based on complexity of entry, dog leashing, etc. available when weather permits. 

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