Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We are located in Butchertown at the corner of Spring St. and Mellwood Ave. We are on the NE corner. There is a Valero gas station across the street.

NOTE: This is a busy intersection with a high volume of cars turning from Spring St onto Mellwood and exiting the Valero gas station onto Mellwood Ave. Please be especially attentive when pulling into and away from the facility.

Our facility is conveniently located near the I-64 exits for Mellwood (west) and Story Ave (East). You can use a map app for directions to 1501 Mellwood Ave, which will lead you to the front entrance of the facility.

We will be asking customers to place a credit card on file for their visits that can be charged monthly. You will complete and sign an authorization form during registration.

You can also buy one of our prepaid packages (10 visits or monthly unlimited) on site when you drop off/pick up your dog via a credit card.

If you are paying in cash or by check, you will be encouraged to purchase our prepaid package of 10 visits.

Dog DayCare

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (Required yearly, preferred every 6 months)
  • Canine Influenza (1st time canine influenza shot requires a
    booster 2-4 weeks after initial vaccine.)
  • Spay and Neutered when 9+ months old

Dogs will be tested with other dogs that have exhibited ideal daycare manners on a one-on-one basis, if they pass that first test, they will slowly be introduced to play groups with more dog day campers.

For daycare services, we will be open from 6:30am to 7:00PM Monday through Friday, except for holidays defined in the FAQ.

  • 1/1/24: New Year’s Day
  • 5/27/24: Memorial Day
  • 7/4 & 7/5/24: Independence Day
  • 9/2/24: Labor Day
  • 11/5/24: Election Day
  • 11/28-29/24: Thanksgiving
  • 12/25/24: Christmas

Flea/Tick strongly encouraged. If your dog is found to have either fleas or ticks, they will be quarantined until they can be picked up and can only return after confirmed treatment and evidence of infestation being resolved.

If you are using our curbside service, please park in the rear of the building. The entrance is off of Spring Street. We will bring your furkid out the back and place them in your car.

If you are bringing your dog into the lobby (located at the corner of Spring and Mellwood), there is street parking in front of the building for 3 cars, or you may park in front of the houses east of the building on Mellwood Ave.

Dogs are placed in playgroups based on size and temperament to ensure safety and an enriching experience. Most days there will be 3 play groups formed based on the dogs in attendance that day.

Your dog will play with a similar set of dogs on the days they attend, but because attendance may vary, we cannot guarantee that the dogs will be the same. If we notice your dog has a particular affinity for one or more dogs, we will let you know who those dogs are for your reference.

Our campers learn to relieve themselves inside our 6,000sf indoor and climate controlled campground. If your pup exhibits behavior at home that shows perhaps they are not going potty while at Camp FurKids, scheduled walks outside the campground can be arranged.

For our day campers we find that mid day lunch breaks are often ignored because they are so excited to get back to play time. However, if for any special reason your pup needs a lunch break we provide a private area so your FurKid can eat stress free and afterward enjoy a 30 minute resting period to help them digest their food before returning to open play.

If notifying the facility and staffing has been confirmed, you can pick up after 7pm for a $9 fee for the first 30 minutes, additional $18 for the next 30 minutes, and an additional $27 for the final 30 minutes. Late pick up will not exceed more than 90 minutes.

In Home Sitting

In-home sitting is when a sitter either stays at your home (Your Place) with your pets or they host your pet(s) in their home (Sitters Place).

Your Place: Instructions on your pet(s) care needs, a way to get into the home (keys, keypad code, etc.), important contact info, and somewhere to sleep. If preferred, our sitters can bring their own pillows and will strip the beds of any used linens as well as put any used bath towels in the hamper.

Sitters Place:
Instructions on your pet(s) care needs, important contact info, a supply of your
dog’s food, medicine, crate and/or bedding. If your pet has food allergies, please bring
appropriate treats to help the sitter “win them over”, as needed.

Instructions on where to find your pet’s supplies, special care instructions, and a way
to get into your home (key, keypad code, etc).

Your sitter is committed to spending at minimum 12 hours per day with your pet(s). When confirming the reservation, the sitter will also confirm their schedule and the hours they expect to be with your pet. Depending on their schedule, they may be with your pet longer than the minimum of 12 hours. When reserving you can share your preference for the scheduled hours and we can try to match that or offer an alternative solution

Your sitter is committed to being on site with your pet for 12 hours/day. If you need additional coverage, it can be arranged for a sitter/walker to either come for a potty break, take them for a walk or they may be transported to Camp FurKids for daycare (if they are a current daycare participant or have been registered and tested). If your pets are ok during the time the sitter is away, the sitter will return to your home in the evening to resume their 12-hour shift and caring for your pet(s). Additional day checks or daycare drop offs will require an additional charge for those services.

Yes! If your pet requires special care, medical needs, or help with everyday tasks perhaps due to being a senior, those things will be worked out prior to booking so you can rest assured your furry loved one will be well taken care of.

Pet check for a dog includes, potty break in their yard, a walk (pricing difference), providing a
meal or water, etc. For cats, it includes a wellness check (assuming a visual of the cat), providing food and water, litter change if requested, etc. If you have other pets (rabbits, lizards, etc.) We can also schedule checks for them, if we have a person who is experienced, willing and available.

Grooming Services

At Camp Furkids, we believe in creating positive and constructive experiences for all of our campers. Part of that includes fear free grooming. The best way to help your furkid to feel comfortable while being bathed and/or groomed, is to start right away! At Camp, that would be as soon as all of their required vaccines are administered.

Time will always depend on the size, coat type, requested cut and disposition on the table. With that said, baths usually take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Grooms can take 3-4  hours. In some situations, if we feel it will be longer, you will be contacted to determine whether we should continue with a break, or complete at another time.

Our prices start at $60 for baths (increasing by weight, not to exceed $120 for giant breeds) and $80 for full grooms (not to exceed $150 for giant breeds). In some situations fees may be applied; dematting fee, extra brushing fee, flea and tick shampoo, etc.

Our Dog Grooming services are available Tuesday – Friday during the week, but the hours vary.

Please Call or Email us for details on availability.

  • 1/1/24: New Year’s Day
  • 5/27/24: Memorial Day
  • 6/19/24: Juneteenth
  • 7/4/24: Independence Day
  • 9/2/24: Labor Day
  • 11/5/24: Election Day
  • 11/28-29/24: Thanksgiving
  • 12/25/24: Christmas

Our motto is “humanity over vanity”. We want your dog to be long and fluffy the same as you, however sometimes those mats are just too painful to remove. Mats can hide skin irritations/infections, cuts, sores and can even get so tight they can keep your dog from moving freely and comfortably. They are no joke! If we feel that it would cause too much pain to demat and comb out, we will shave your fur kid to the longest length possible for safe mat removal. You will be contacted to advise this is required before we begin the cut.

It is unlikely your dog will be crated unless requested while you return to pick up your pet. One circumstance where they might be crated, is if the groomer needs to utilize the restroom. Otherwise we do not crate your furkid.

No, we do not! We groom all the way through with 100% focus on your furkid and only yours until completion. Hand held blowers are used with regulated temperature, speed and velocity.

You may always have your pet attend Camp before or after their groom. If you do not want them to go out to play (for fear of ruining the new look) they can be crated or spend time in our serenity room. To attend camp dogs will have to be an established camper or go through a temperament test and vaccine verification. Depending on the time, there may be a fee for this service. Please ask at drop off.

As much fun as that may be for you to see, it actually increases stress levels for your furkid which can create negative behaviors and cause dangerous situations in the table. This would counter our fear free work immensely.

Just a collar and leash! In special situations, we can use medicated shampoos.

Generally speaking, bath dogs (those who do not need haircuts) should be groomed every 6-8 weeks, especially if you want to maintain minimal shedding. Dogs with hair, or a haircut dog, should be every 5-7 weeks or if you like a longer coat, we recommend a bath at five and cut at ten!

We recommend nail trims every 6-8 weeks, however if you’re working in shortening their quicks to make them shorter, please consult with our groomer to verify intervals. We do recommend you booking a nail trim or adding it to your camp service to ensure nail trims are done as they are not a walk in service.

You are always encouraged to discuss the service with the groomer. She takes pride in seeing a happy camper and parent and will remedy the situation as needed in accordance with our policies.

Camp FurKids accepts all major credit cards and Venmo.

If there’s another form of payment you wish to use, please discuss with us prior to your booking.

Yes. Anal glands can be expressed during a booked grooming service but only at the parents request. The groomer will default to not expressing them if it wasn’t noted before the grooming. This is in consideration that it’s not always required or the best option for every pet.

Have More Questions?

We’re happy to help! Get in touch with us via our contact page.